Gem Swap 2 is a very interesting flash game that can help you to kill some time at office, school or at home. It is a classical puzzle flash game, where you have to swap the position of the jewels, and make it this way, that 2 or more similar jewels appear at the same line. The gems will disappear and you will be given the bonus points. The faster you do this, the more points you will be given.  Also keep in mind, that there are a lot of gems on the board, and all of them differ from each other by design, shape and color, so matching 2 similar gems is not an easy job.  Playing the game is rather easy – to swap the position of the gems, simply click one gem, than another, which is situated near the first one and the magic is done. Also, remember, than when you destroy more than one line at a time, you are given combo bonus points.  Hope you will have great time playing the game at our website.